To the Super Tall Cutie from the Club~

Backstory: I went to visit my friend at her uni last weekend. Met a super cutie. What else is new? This one goes out to him if he’s out there somewhere:

Hi there, I would give you a name, but to be perfectly honest, I can’t for the life of me remember it, actually I’m not even sure that you told me,

Can I just say something to get it out of the way? You are SUPER tall. And I applaud you for that. Like wow. It’s superior, you’re height. How tall even are you? Like 6’6? Good for you.

I know that it all started in a far from normal way. I told you that you looked weird (in a good way, you’re not weird looking, actually, you were really cute, but you were just standing in the middle of the dance floor not dancing and that was weird) and you took that as “let’s dance!” But hey, I’m glad that I went with this happy accident.

Your dance skills were pretty average, but from the looks of the other dudes around us, you were above average for this joint, so, I’m glad we had that opportunity. We had our dance. We had our snog. Things were going alright by my standards. I even gave you gum afterwards. Like, how polite.

You held my hand, you came over to my friends with me when I said I needed to breathe for a second and check in with them (Sorry I didn’t introduce you, I couldn’t remember your name). You told me that you would wait right over there. I talked to them for maybe 2 minutes, maybe. In that time, I lost you. I legit have no idea what happened in that time. It’s like my brain turned off and all I could hear was Beyonce.

I’m really sorry about that.

I got lost in the beat and I sort of forgot to come find you.

But, you were lovely. So, I just wanted to say, sorry I flaked, it wasn’t you. It was me.

Worlds of apologies,




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