When You Forget That You Left Something Somewhere

Oh my god. LOL.

That’s about all I can say about this one.

Have you ever said something to someone and immediately thought, “wow that probably sounded so wrong”? Or have you ever accidentally left something in a place and totally forgot that it was there but then one of your friends finds it and starts asking questions? Or even worse, they don’t say anything and you think that nothing is wrong until you realize your mistake a few days later?

Well, I had some friends come to stay with me over the weekend. And just yesterday, I realized that I had one of these situations.

One of the girls needed to borrow nail clippers, and me being me, I’m like oh yeah sure, they’re in the bottom drawer somewhere, just grab them!

No big deal, I have nothing to hide, I don’t care.

Then today, I went in my bottom drawer of my desk.

Sitting right in the corner of the drawer is a pair of red fuzzy handcuffs.

Oh my god.


It honestly was a totally innocent thing, because I won them at an Ann Summer’s party, which is a lingerie event, where it’s a little saucy and is a really fun girls night full of laughs and drinks where you can win prizes at the end. I forgot that I even had them and just threw them in that drawer where the rest of all the random stuff that I’ve collected over the past three months has landed.

So, I don’t know if she saw them and just didn’t say anything about it or if she was internally thinking that I’m into some freaky sh*t and just felt that it was better to not confront me about it.

But, that’s my story, and all I can do is laugh about it.


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