The End of An Era

This week, something terrible has happened.

Zayn Malik has officially quit One Direction.

Yes okay, I know in the grand scheme of things, it’s not something to get uber upset about.

But no.

No you’re wrong.

Zayn quitting the band is, in fact, a tragedy. Zayn, who may or may not change his name back to its original spelling of z-a-I-n, was a beloved member of one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Actually, it wasn’t that guilty, I unabashedly love One Direction. Can I even call them that anymore? Throughout the past few weeks, they’ve been refusing to call themselves that on tour because Zayn hadn’t been present. This worries me. Will they continue on with a new name? I have concerns because 1) I have a ton of merchandise with “One Direction” on it and 2) I doubt it will sell on eBay at this point. I’m definitely going to have to wait another 20 years or so before One Direction merch with the original five becomes worth something more.

But anyway, Zayn quitting. He has the voice of an angel and claims that he just wants to live a normal life of a 22 year old. Which, granted is understandable, I am so all for doing what makes you happy and getting your brain right, good for you Zayn, that’s valiant to give it all up to get yourself in check. What’s not understandable is the fact that I think he’s definitely going to go solo in the next year or two or less. Which, in that case, no, backstabber. That ain’t right, not cool Zayn. (But, let’s be real, I’ll still probably buy the album, because hello, angel voice.)

I will say this though, if this is Zayn’s official retirement from the biz, he will be truly missed.

I have found two silver linings in this great sadness.

Liam’s falsetto is on point to cover all of Zayn’s crazy high notes on the 1D tour and now my friends who don’t like One Direction (are you even real friends?) have no excuse for not knowing the difference between Liam and Louis. There’s only four of them now. You can’t tell me you know Harry, the blonde one and the dark haired one and expect me to accept that. Learn your sh*t.


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