FOMO, or the feeling of missing out. It can get really real when you’re over 3,000 miles away from something.

Back in Hometown, NJ I spend some of my time working at a local theatre. It is always a lot of work, but I also always have an amazingly fun time.

This past weekend was the first time since I started university that I haven’t gone home to help my friends with a production that they were working on over my Spring Break.

And I miss it.

I absolutely love the feeling of being at the theatre, being back stage, the adrenaline coursing through you on opening night just before they play the opening announcement.

The opening announcement. That’s usually me. Which, technology has been very kind to us. Instead of having to physically be at the theatre, they play an audio track that I recorded before the curtain opens. This year, I recorded the announcement all the way from London. It was a nice little way to feel like I have been kept in the loop.

It just still sucks, when you can’t be there. I know that I am having the most amazing time of my life here, but at the same time, another part of me wants to be there with my friends, figuring out how to secretly change a broken mic pack of someone who is on stage for the next three scenes, or for the lightbulb moment when that one person who always forgets his lines finally figures it out. It’s just little things that make the show.

It’s just little things that make me miss home.


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