To the Fan Who is Tardy~


How late is too late to show up to an event?


Late is bad. We don’t like late.

Well, that can actually be argued.

Being late to things that are low commitment is okay. I’m talking something like a college party that starts at 10 PM. It’s okay to get there any time after 10. That’s an event where lateness is acceptable.

Lateness is not acceptable at any point where you have made a commitment to be somewhere. For example, don’t show up late to a wedding. Don’t show up late to a surprise party. Don’t show up late to class. Don’t show up late to an interview.

Being constantly late for things when people expect you is so annoying. It also shows that you are unreliable. You don’t want your friends and family to think you’re unreliable. That would suck. So, overall, just don’t be late to things, unless there is truly a dire situation that caused your lateness.

XO, Maz

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