Response to Zayn’s Single

Honestly, this is just a straight rant. I’m sorry, no bells no whistles. I am legitimately offended.

So, in the early hours of the morning or late last night, depending where you are, a single was leaked by the producer Naughty Boy. It is entitled “I Won’t Mind.” It’s the first solo piece that we are receiving from Zayn Malik after his abrupt exit from One Direction.

Feel free to go find it on Sound Cloud if you want, but I will say this: the song is disappointing. It’s not bad, actually in three months time, I probably would have loved the song. It’s just so disappointing. Producer Naughty Boy has worked with other vocal power houses, Sam Smith and Emili Sandé for example. The mixes have been amazing and their vocals shine through.

With Zayn’s single, I found myself disappointed. Disappointed is the best word, because just last week the One Direction fandom was told that he was leaving the band to have a chance at being normal for a bit. (We knew that was a doubtful option, but seemed less selfish than “I’m going solo next week!”) I totally would have supported Zayn’s movement into a solo career if he hadn’t straight up lied. I would have received his solo debut with open ears and honestly, probably would have totally been in love with it. Zayn has an amazing range and a vocal talent that is hard to match. But, this new single. Wow. What a let down. There are no moments in the song where I felt like, yeah, this was worth it for him to leave. I feel like his voice, although the primary sound beside the acoustic guitar, it has so much unused potential. If this single had dropped and it was two and a half minutes of Zayn straight killing it, like riffs that you wouldn’t believe and maybe some extended high notes, maybe I would feel differently. Maybe I would understand a little bit more and think, you know what, Zayn needed to do this. This is going to be the best thing for him. I guess that this solo just solidified Zayn leaving, and it just felt like it really wasn’t worth it.

And, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am so annoyed with Zayn’s actions or how Naughty Boy was really inconsiderate to poke a fresh wound by dropping this single so soon, but I just am not impressed in the least.

Okay, that’s all. I hope this has shed some light as to my current feelings on the great debacle.


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