I’m A Fool, But Not on April First

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I could have defo done something like say, “oh I’m shutting down my blog, I need a vacation, life is too hard.” But now, we all know, that’s not true and you would have picked up on the date in about two point five seconds.

So, instead I’ve decided to forego an April Fool’s prank this year, particularly because I am actually really poor at performing uber thought out pranks. On April First, everyone’s expecting it, so I think it’s much better to pull a prank on any other day of the entire year, just not today. I like the element of surprise.

I am much better as a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants pranks. I like popping out and scaring people, those always seem to make me laugh, I’m much like Ellen in that sense.

Also, today always makes me so suspicious of everyone. I think that the world is out to prank me, so I become very cynical. So, it’s probably best that no one tries to tell me anything important today. I probably won’t believe you.

So, good luck to the world, but I’m only leaving my room for class and food. I won’t be had by any of you today.


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