That Leather Skirt I Keep Talking About

Good Friday to you all! I hope that all of your Fridays are good.

This week I’m featuring one of my favorite purchases of the London trip:

Maybe I only talk about it on Twitter.

Maybe I only talk about it on Twitter.

So, I bought this leather skirt in H&M for £12 on my second week in town. I am not usually so ballsy. Prior to my time here, I probably never would have worn a leather anything, besides my bomber jacket; but, leather on the bottom, that’s bold. It has proven to be one of my most worn items. I basically wear it at least once, sometimes twice in any given weekend. It’s just so easy to throw on with pretty much any semi-dressy top. I wear it with this white top a lot, but I’ve also paired it with a black shirt, a grey shirt and hope to keep it rolling with some snazzier spring colors within the next few weeks. Honestly, it was kind of an impulse buy and I really have no regrets about it. I encourage everyone to go out there and find one piece to add to your wardrobe that just makes you feel good when you wear it.


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