Living like Nicki Minaj

So, I’m officially living the Spring Break life style, dashing about Rome, trying to get picked up on a vespa. You know, casual things. What I am also doing is something that is a little out of character for me. I’m hitting the beach!

I know, crazy, because I actually kind of hate the beach. Growing up in a beach town just makes it so passé. I am so bored with the entire beach scene, for a plethora of reasons:

1. Sand is the devil. Who even likes sand? I mean I guess it’s okay to get your toes sandy every once in a while to enjoy a nice stroll down the beach, but when you get home and literally find sand in every crevice of your body, ew. And, not only do you find sand just when you get home, you find it for approximately 2 weeks after as well, in places that you didn’t think sand would reach.

2. I’m Irish AF. Tan and Maz don’t go together, like ever. I’m gonna be a little sundries tomato by the end of this trip.

3. Leg shaving season. Ugh. The official start of beach season is when I know that I have to start shaving my legs every day. Super annoying, considering I am officially living off of cheap razors that could probably leave me with knicks just by looking at them.

Other than those things though, I’m excited for all of the Italian boys who know I’m foreign because of how pale I am. Ciao boys.


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