Thank You Rome!

So, since I am diving head first into the wonderful culture of Rome, Italy over this unbelievable Spring Break, I figured that a brief history lesson wouldn’t hurt. I have done a little bit of research and have come to a number of conclusions as to why we should be thanking Rome, based upon innovations from this beautiful little city.

1. Concrete: I really enjoy not living in a mud hut. It’s pretty cool to not have to worry about things like wind wrecking my home.

2. Aqueducts: I also super enjoy not walking through literal sh*t in the streets on my way to class. It gives me this happy go lucky feeling that my day will be great, knowing that I live in a world where the Romans invented proper drainage systems. Similarly, I appreciate that this system also serves a purpose to water crops and that I get to eat every day without having to be a farmer myself. I don’t look too hot covered in dirt and I don’t really like the outdoors. I would be a sh*t farmer.

3. Birthday cake: Who doesn’t love this delicious treat? I’l tell you who, liars and cheats and scoundrels.

4: Shopping malls: I appreciate that I can head to one place for my luxurious shopping needs. It is way more convenient than having to pop by 65 different towns just to get all of the components of a perfect night out. I can get the outfit, the shoes, the accessories, the manicure, the snacks, the booze, everything, all in one go.

5. Cappuccino: For when ten hours of sleep isn’t enough.

6. Giulio Berruti: I’ve talked about him before, but again, you’re welcome to us, thank you to Rome.

So, from the very depths of my heart, thank you Rome! Thank you for what you have contributed to my life!


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