My “I Need A Tan” Outfit


I’m sure that I’m tanner by now, because I have now been in beautiful Roma for a little under a week now, but when I took this picture I was still in foggy, soggy London (no complaints, I’m just pale is all).


I wish that it made sense to walk around Rome barefoot, but it just doesn’t. This was just me being hopeful for a warm, beautiful, beach-y Spring Break. I don’t know if maxi-skirts will be back in this year, but if they aren’t back, well, try to stop me, you can’t. I have loved this skirt for forever and I’m not about to stop loving it now. I paired it with a crop to get a more Spring Break-y feel, only issue with that is, you can see my uber white stomach, but I promise, it’s being worked on! Happy Spring Break to everyone out there who isn’t on Spring Break right now, because I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only ones!


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