To the Fan Who is Feeling Stressed~


What is the best way to deal with stress?


As someone who is a reformed procrastinator, I am very familiar with the concept of stress. Stress can gnaw away at you, make you want to cry, rip your hair out, scream and take a nap to avoid life all at the same time.

Stress is a monster. It causes irrational anger, break outs, and some serious eating (if you’re me, stress eater, guilty as charged). But some stressors can be avoided.

If we’re talking about stressing because of deadlines, one tip for that would be to just spread out your amount of work. If you have three papers due all around the same time a month from now, just focus on one paper a week. You’ll be especially relived when you can take breaks more frequently because you’re not tethered to the library for 48 straight hours the days before the papers are due.

If we’re talking about big time life stress, I highly recommend talking it out! Go tell someone what has got you so stressed out. There is nothing wrong about admitting that you need help doing something or fixing something, and sometimes, you’ll eliminate more than half of your stress by just getting it off your chest.

If we’re talking stress over a relationship, scream into a pillow. Write a letter. Burn a picture. That’s the crazy kind of stress where you just have to do crazy things to get over it. No judgement. At all. We’ve all been there.

For any other types of stress, I always just like to ask myself; will this matter tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year? It sort of puts it into perspective.

Stress happens, it can’t be avoided entirely, but there are definitely ways to deal with it! I wouldn’t say that there is any correct way to deal with it either. Just remember that the stress won’t last forever and you will make it through.

XO, Maz

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