The Week End Dad

Hey fanz! I’m officially back!

I am going to give you all the stories about my trip to Rome over the course of the next few days!

Let’s start with me being a product of divorce.

Yes, in real life my parents are split, but in Rome life I felt like I had so many parents and I was constantly being picked up or dropped off by someone to go with someone else. It was very “weekend-dad”-like, you know, where they pick me up on Friday afternoon, get to show me the best time of my life and then, come Monday morning, they drop me back off with mom to get back to reality. Only, I never made it back on Monday, it was all weekend dads all the time, for ten whole days.

I am very lucky to have so many friends that live in the beautiful city of Rome, and I am also extremely lucky that so many of them were willing to take me in as their child for the duration of my stay.

They were too good to me honestly. They were the best Italian tour guides I could have ever imagined. I didn’t have to really figure anything out by myself at all. They showed me the best places to eat. They showed me the sites that were worth seeing and told me which ones were definitely better to skip. They took me to the beach. They made me dinner. They filled me in on the latest gossip. They washed my clothes for me. They took me shopping. They took my picture while I posed in front of the stupidest things, like a vespa. This trip, I felt so spoiled and really couldn’t be more grateful for not only those wonderful girls, but also for my experience as a whole.


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