Who’s the Bad Influence?

So, something I’ve discovered on my vacation to Rome:

When I have a limited agenda, I am extremely coercive.

I visited my friends during my Spring Break, i.e. I have no work, no classes, I have cash to spend and fun to be had. It was much after their Spring Break. They are all still in classes four days a week and dong work outside of class as well.

While that’s great and I’m glad that they were so willing to take me in despite their busy schedules, I also know that I used my powerful skills of manipulation and their easily swayed natures and unyielding desire for a good time to my advantage.

Just call me Maz the Bad Influence.

I somehow managed to get my friends to go out virtually every single night that I was in Rome, with the few exception where I physically couldn’t drag myself out of my makeshift bed.

Bad influence extended to 2 AM trips to buy fries, getting on a boy’s moped, taking pictures in fountains, 5 euro shot night, trips across the dodgy bridge to get to the other nighttime locales, et cetera et cetera.

But I know one thing for sure. Being a bad influence means that the people being influenced have to be receptive to corruption, thus I turn this around and I say; who’s really the bad influence? Me or my friends?

Let me answer that question with another question.

If we’re having fun and being safe (for the most part), should it matter?

I would have it no other way than having fun and being a hot mess all around the world with those crazy girls.


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