I Beat the Bucket List

So, if you didn’t know, before I went to Rome, I wrote this cool bucket list a few blogs back: When in Rome

And I am writing today to tell you, that I accomplished everything on the list.

5. Eat authentic food in Rome:



Not only did I fill the craving for pizza that I’ve been having for borderline 3 months, but I also got my fix of lasagna, gnocchi, cannoli, gelato, carbonara and a new favorite, suppli or “rice balls.” Sh*t those things are addicting. Easily could’ve eaten ten a day all by myself. It’s like, I know it’s so wrong to be in love with something so bad for you, but at the same time, it’s so right.

4. Sing a duet with my twin:

climbing in fountains with bae.

Climbing in fountains with bae.

Okay, so maybe we’re not twins, but we defo sound like a chorus of angels when we sing together. We sent about 400 snapchats to prove it. We also roamed Rome singing songs and wreaking havoc. Wouldn’t have had it any other way.

3. Recite Gretchen Weiners’ speech on Caesar’s murder location:

"We should totally just stab Caesar!"

“We should totally just stab Caesar!”

Fun fact, the place where Caesar was stabbed is now unofficially, officially a “cat sanctuary.” Who needs an animal shelter when you can roll up to some historically significant Roman ruins and make a giant litter box out of it? I wonder what Caesar would say if he knew? I’m guessing something along the lines of “oww, this place has really gone to sh*t.” (Pun intended.)

2. Ride or die:

Look out italy. Trouble took the wheel.

Look out italy. Trouble took the wheel.

Although Diego (super Italian Vespa owner who spoke very little English, featured in the background of the photo) was a cutie, I am a strong independent American woman who don’t need no man to teach her how to ride. Can’t you see the fire in my eye? No really. Look. That’s not just because I couldn’t get rid of red eye without looking like I had a serious issue, it wasn’t that at all, it’s because of my fiery personality and thrill for living.

1. Meet the Pope:

You're welcome for this high quality rez.

You’re welcome for this high quality rez.

Not only did I basically meet the Pope, but he basically blessed me too. I mean, it was super raining a lot on Easter Sunday at the Vatican, but I assume that all rainfall on and around the Pope is considered holy water, so I think I may have been baptized. Who knows?

Veni, Vidi, F*cking Vici. Google it, if you don’t know. Put that on your bucket list and suck it The Buried Life.


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