Graphic Tea Time

How are we all feeling this Friday? Alive and ready to take on the world?

Me? I’m hungover AF.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

This week, I paired a few of my favorite things, the best t-shirt that I have ever purchased and a skirt that flounces in all the right ways. I was feeling quirky-cute this week, so I thought, what better way than to make an obscure reference to an 80’s movie and also soak up some sunshine on my excruciatingly pale legs in a skirt? It was the perfect outfit for a picnic in Hyde Park, but easily could have doubled as a semi-casual, kind of rebel-chic, afternoon tea in Camden Market ensemble. Still trying to make the leap from Winter Wardrobe to it “actually does get sunny in London” wardrobe. It’s still hard, when the vast majority of my clothing is either black white or grey. Time to hit the sales rack at H&M to add a pop of color to it all.

Have a great weekend Fanz!


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