Hey There Delilah, It’s A Plain White Tee


I like Friday, but I don’t like how quickly they keep popping up.

So anyway, this week in fashion:

Pardon my face, pretty sure I was singing Jessie's Girl.

Pardon my face, pretty sure I was singing Jessie’s Girl.

I got that long hair, slicked back, white tee shirt and I also wish that I was Jessie’s Girl. So, I got out my inner Harry Styles and donned my white shirt, some dark wash high rise jeans, black pumps (so Harry) and a black velvet hat. I was really, very 80’s this week. I think it was just some type of weird mood. I don’t know, I was feeling it. The thing about wearing just a white tee and jeans is that you have to accessorize the sh*t out of it. I threw on a watch, a few rings and my signature necklace. I also threw on the hat and sunglasses to jazz it up even more. While a classic look is good, it can also be so boring. With the black pumps, this was the perfect get-up to wear to the bar for Happy Hour, switch the pumps for flats and throw on a leather jacket, it was great for running errands earlier in the day. We’re all about cross-functionality here at mazforthefanz.com. Have a stellar weekend fanz!


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