The “What the Hell Was Happening Last Night?” Blog

Have you ever had an experience that is so unreal, you wake up and you barely believe that it actually happened?

I don’t know if it’s lucky or not, but I can say that I actually have those kinds of nights frequently.

Last night was one of the weirder ones though and that’s saying something.

I was at a club called Cirque Le Soir.

And it was awesome.

I felt like Stefon from SNL would have really appreciated it. This place had everything.

I was with a group of girls for a friend’s 21st birthday and we were all ready to get weird (not in a weird way). There was so much going on all around us.

We showed up around midnight and got led through this basically sound proofed stairway and were greeted by a giant. No joke, this dude was probably 7 feet easily. He also didn’t speak English very well.

Then, we enter the actual club and there’s steam and smoke and fire, everywhere.

Legit, everywhere.

It’s a wonder that place hasn’t burnt to the ground yet.

We’re shown to our table, which was very close to the DJ. We had some dancing and some laughs, then the bottle service arrived. In the form of some sort of clear skull liquor.

My word, served in the essence of death because I think it’s primary goal was to kill us. Wow.

Then the show started.

The ring leader welcomed us to the Cirque and brought out the performers.

There were strippers dressed as angels and some in pajamas. It was so weird. But they were dancing to Beyonce and I was cool with it.

After the lights dimmed a bit and the club really came to dancing life, it was at this point that I found my way to a ball pit and was just chilling in there for a while, making small talk with the ball pit life guard. I honestly don’t understand how ball pits were so much fun when we were little. I felt to gross, like I wanted to take a shower after, that thing has to be a bacteria breeding ground. But, it still felt like a totally necessary thing to do at the time.

After the ball pit, there was a mix up with some midgets and a face painter. There was a human covered in basically a giant spandex pillow case, just contorting weirdly. One of my friends made out with the giant clown.

Overall, the whole night, it was just so bizarre.

It was most definitely something out of a dream or a night mare, I still can’t quite figure out which.


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