Black and White and Red All Over

It is my first official Triple F of summer!!

How are we all doing this week? Good? Good.

I’m doing great. School is out and I live in Europe. Honestly, what more could I ask for?

This week in favorite fashion:

I've already showed you everything I own. #soz

I’ve already shown you everything that I own. #soz

So, again, we’re going with a classic look (I promise I’ll go shopping eventually and buy more colors than black, white and gray). But anyway, I paired some leggings, a black t shirt bra and a sheer-ish white top that has bedazzles on the collar with some red heels. It was the perfect first day of Summer night out look, because yeah, London, still not 80 degrees and summer weather yet, but not freezing enough for a full jacket. The heels are always a risk in London though, especially when cocktails are involved, but I was willing to take the risk this week because it’s SUMMER!! Oh wait, have I mentioned that I’m on Summer break? Because if I didn’t, well, I am. I know the blog has been a little intense this week, and I am really liking how creative and empowered I was feeling. I hope that I can keep this up for you all. Anyway, have a beautiful weekend, XOXO, Maz!


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