Different Types of Hangovers

As a social adult who has been in a country where I can legally drink for just shy of five months, I have had some gnarly encounters with one of the most dreaded things in the world.


I’m not a youth anymore and I can’t bounce back like I used to. It takes a lot of recuperation and mental cleansing to get my life back together after an intense night out. And sometimes, I wake up in one of the following states of mind:

The “Feed Me” Hangover: This is a hangover where what you really need is something greasy to make you feel better. I am a personal fan of a 10 AM Big Mac or a really good breakfast sandwich. Did someone say pork roll, egg and cheese? Sign me up.

The “Don’t Ever Show Me Food Again” Hangover: Where you’re really not sure what’s happening inside of your body, other than the fact that you know it’s not a good situation at all, and adding food to it will probably make you puke, a lot.

The “I Think the Bass is Still Thumping” Hangover: Pretty much, you can still feel the club music pounding in your skull and you really don’t want it there; but you just can’t seem to get it to stop and you’re pretty much in agony as the song “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas is on an infinite loop in your head.

The “Stop the World is Moving Too Fast” Hangover: Also known as the “day after spins.” Basically when you pick up your head and the whole world starts to tilt with you, not in a great way. Kind of fun, but also extremely nauseating.

Then, there is the mother of all hangovers:

The “What the F*ck?” Hangover: Pretty much just as it seems, you wake up and you just think to yourself or actually say out loud “what the f*ck?” This hangover could also be categorized by a combination of any of the previously mentioned ailments.


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