Space Cowgirl

What’s up fanz? Happy Favorite Fashion Friday!

Dishing up a space aged hoedown look:

'Cause it's a hoedown throw down.

‘Cause it’s a hoedown throw down.

I really don’t have a reason for this outfit, other than, it was a color besides only black, white or gray. I just wanted to feel like I could go line dancing and at the same time be able to drop it down if need be. As we all know my extreme love for plaid, this just seemed to work in my favor really. I actually wore this in public last night and I guarantee you that I killed the game. Side note, my brow game was so strong, Cara would be super jealous. Side, side note: My best friend is coming to London today! I’m sorry this post is so sporadic, I just can’t focus because of how excited I am, it’s finally here!! I got to pick her up at the airport and I basically cried tears of joy because five months has been way too long to be apart from one of my number one home girls.

Have a great weekend beautiful people. XOXO Maz


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