A List of Questions that I Need a Guy to Answer

I have some questions for the gentlemen fanz. I know that you are few and far between, because what guy wants to hear me b*tch about PMS or see my OOTD? But still, for the ones who are out there in MazLand, please, feel free to private message me the answers, because I am dying to know.

  • When you invite a girl over to cuddle and watch a movie, is that really what you meant?
  • Do you actually hate rom-coms or do you just pretend that you do to look manlier?
  • Why do guys find it attractive when two girls kiss?
  • How often is too often to text you?
  • Why do most of you assume that girls put on clothes and makeup to impress you?
  • At what point does a girl go from someone you’re hanging out with to someone you’re dating to your girlfriend?
  • Is it cool or uncool that some of my favorite movies include X-Men, The Godfather and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?
  • Do you want a girl to make the first move?
  • Can a girl ask you on a date or is that too forward?
  • How annoyed do you actually get when we say things like, “I don’t care. You pick.”?
  • Why do most of you dance like noodles?
  • Do you really think that all we want as gifts are jewelry, purses and/or perfume?
  • What is the annoyance to hotness ratio? Like how much annoyance or b*tchiness will you put up with if the girl is smoking hot?

Just a few things to think about. Please help, if you can, I am genuinely curious. Thanks a ton.


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