Don’t Be Overzealous

So, there are a ton of reasons why streets have crosswalks and stoplights.

One of those main reasons is so cars don’t hit each other in an anarchical circle of death.

Another reason is so that cars don’t hit people who are crossing.

One other main reason is so stupid people don’t run across the street trying to dodge traffic.

Well, guess which human on this planet was one of those stupid people last night.

I don’t know. I guess I just saw the opportunity to beat traffic and I was trying to take it. This specific stop light, in front of my building, take FOREVER to turn green. So when it is green, I try to take advantage of that fact.

This specific instance, I decided to book it across the street, just as the crossing sign was about to change from green to red.

And, low and behold, as I was about to jump up onto the curb, I had a misstep.

I fell.

And I heard the most horrendous set of clicks and pops in my left ankle.

It hurt like a b*tch.

I sprained my ankle.


Not only was it super inconvenient because I was just about ready to head out for the night with Brix, who is in town, but also, because I leave for a twenty-three day backpacking tour across Europe in three days.

So, everyone who could send healing thoughts and take extra caution when exercising your impatience whilst crossing the street.


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