When Your Wrist Becomes A Passport

I am a big collector of stamps.

Sure, I get a couple in my Passport every once in a while. But, my favorite kinds of stamps are the ones that I get on my wrists each night.

I consider it a personal victory and an amazing night when the each stop I make, the new stamp giver makes a comment about how far I’ve travelled in one night.

Last night was no different. I collected four stamps (meh, a mediocre amount really).

The best part of this stamp collecting though? Doing it with one of my best friends and my best co-bad influence ever.

We took a trip around down town London, cruising by Uber, and made detours in some of our favorite spots. We saw an amazing concert. We had some drinks. We had some dancing and a whole bunch of laughs.

It was Brix’s last night in London, so obviously, we had to celebrate. So we stayed out until about 2.30 and then we put Brix in an Uber around 3 AM and shipped her off to the airport for her flight at 6 AM to Rome.

All in all, I just hope that although she’s going to get an Italian stamp in her passport today, she’ll also take her wrist passport with her and recall all of the fun we had this past week.


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