21 Jump Suit

Happy/sad Friday Fanz.

Today marks my last Friday in London.

I’m so sad about it, but naturally, I took my last Thursday in London to celebrate.

So, this week in my London going out fashion:

LBDs are so last season. It's all about the LBJ (LMAO at that acronym, but it's meant to be "Little Black Jumpsuit").

LBDs are so last season. It’s all about the LBJ (LMAO at that acronym, but it’s meant to be “Little Black Jumpsuit”).

We’ve got a little dark flare going. I was feeling sexy and free in my black strapless jump suit. It was the perfect statement outfit and for once I didn’t sweat my ass off at the club. I normally would pair this jumpsuit with my favorite red heels, but alas, sprained ankle; it wasn’t going to happen. So I matched the black romper with my black oxfords. To give this outfit the pop of color it needed, I went with a bold red lip.

Since this will be my last Favorite Fashion Friday Post in London, I would like to take a second to give a eulogy to my former sense of style:

Dear Style of Maz circa December 2014;

Although you were beloved at the time, you have been killed most gruesomely by all the fun new tips and tricks that Maz of today has picked up whilst living in a fashion epicenter. It would be unfair to say that you will be missed, because you won’t be, and once she goes back to the dollar standard, you will be completely overhauled, never to be experienced again. RIP.


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