Globe Trotting But I Ain’t From Harlem

Today marks my first day of exploration around Europe for twenty-three days!

I hopped on an overnight bus last night in London, got on a ferry and woke up in Paris, France.

I will spend the next three weeks seeing Europe, staying in hostels, turning strangers into friends and finding a new way to look at the world. I wanted to take this blog to outline my trip for you all, and I will try to give a little shout to each location in blogs as I get there; but tentatively, this is the list of the cities that I will visit on this extravaganza:

Paris, France

Nice, France

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

Florence, Italy

Venice, Italy

Vienna, Austria

Munich, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

I am so open to other ideas or options! Anyone have any recommendations of “must-see” attractions in these cities? I have a ton of guide books, but I would also love to hear from people who have actually visited these cities and done amazing things. XO, Maz


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