The Berry

Well, my first evening of overnight travel was interesting to say the very least.

I got to London Victoria’s Coach Station at about 10 PM, which was a little more than an hour before my departure time. I checked in and sat and stared at the wall of the station until boarding began.

Boarding was an intense nightmare. There were three different coaches running from the same service. And everyone had a specific coach that they had to ride. So, after getting in the wrong line twice, I had a great feeling about the third and final coach.

Once, I was finally boarded, I spent two hours on a bus from London to Dover. Then I went through French customs and boarded a ferry. Hence, why this post is called “The Berry” (combination of bus and ferry). I wish that I could claim that on my own, but actually, it was Brix who so cleverly came up with that.

But, let’s just pause for one second to talk about my intense fear of boats.

I hate boats. Hate them.

I blame Titanic and Jaws and basically any and all movies where something goes wrong with a boat due to natural circumstances, I.E. iceberg and shark (naturally occurring in nature). Anyway, so I get super uncomfortable on boats. Maybe, it’s more a fear of open water than it is of an actual boat, but that’s an issue to delve into later. I powered through.

And by powered through, I mean I found a corner of the ferry, furthest from the window, put my backpack down and passed the f*ck out. I was not about to be awake in case of an unexpected ship sinking. If I was going to die on that boat, I would have much rather it happened while I was unconscious.

But, by some stroke of luck or miracle, I survived the floating death trap.

We re-boarded the bus.

I should also mention, I haven’t heard a lick of English since leaving London. The guy I sat next to on the bus was Italian, as were his friends. I’m sure that there were other English speakers on the boat, but again, I was happily asleep, cuddling with my backpack.

So, back on the bus with Mister Italy and crew, we drove another four hours from wherever we landed, all the way to Paris, France!

Leg one of the big adventure has begun!

I have to admit, I’ve been to Paris before and it isn’t my favorite place on the planet, but damn if the sites aren’t beautiful.

Today, I walked the side streets and made my way to the Eiffel Tower. I sat in the park for a bit and ate a baguette. It was pretty surreal.

Next stop, I need to buy a selfie stick, because my arms are way too short to fit all of the wonderful things into the background and fit my whole face. I’m stuck with an awkward half face or an awkward half of an Eiffel Tower.


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