Hostile Hostel

Okay, the title was a bit dramatic. But, something that has really come to my attention since traveling is hostel mates!

They are your bunk mates, your companions, possibly your new friends, maybe you meet a drinking pal or two. The people who you share a room with during your travels have the potential to alter an entire outlook on a trip.

For instance:

While I was staying in Paris, I was in a hostel room with 9 other people. And unfortunately for me, these nine people were part of a group. They all knew each other. I was the stranger thrown in to fill the room up for the weekend.

While they were not mean or anything like that, they just weren’t interested in making a new friend. They were all French, so there was also a bit of a language barrier, as I haven’t properly taken a French in 4 years. I just did not vibe well with them. We hardly talked and I felt like I was intruding on their trip.

That sort of put a bit of a damper on Paris for me. While the city was gorgeous and the food was amazing, it just would have been nice to feel more “at home” when I got back to the hostel at night.

Then, there’s hostel roommates like the ones that I have in Nice. Everyone is super friendly, very chatty and wants to get to know everyone else. All are single travelers who have been traveling about for a while now. Everyone has stories to share, some good, some bad, some funny, some terrifying.

Everyone just wants to have a good time and share ideas and opinions on where to go next or what to see in new cities.

It was nice also that we all clicked so quickly and just decided to have a night out together. We bonded over beers and Tuesday morning hangovers. We explored some of the city and talked about life and travel and where we’re all off to next. We made tentative plans to meet again in the future.

Nice feels very homey to me now and although we’ve only just been thrown randomly into the same room, sometimes people are put in your life for a reason, whether it’s to learn, grow, explore, have fun, become life friends, or just share some blurry pictures and a great story.

Good hostel mates make traveling worth while for sure. I am very excited to make even more friends during my travels.


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