To the Guy Who Hit On Me Outside the Crocs Store~

I hope that everyone read the title of this blog because I’m jumping right in.

Hello Sir~

Do less.

You called me over as I was leaving the cafe and now, you are trying to chat me up outside of a Crocs Store.

What the actual f*ck are you thinking?

It is a store that sells only Crocs.

I mean yes, call me “belle, belle” all you want. Your French is divine. But I draw the line at Crocs.

Maybe Crocs are the “it thing” to have in France, but in the United States of Maz, that takes you down about 12 hotness degrees and you were only a 4 to begin with. So, 4, plus 2 for Frenchness, minus 12 for Crocs, that brings you to a negative 6 which equals Never Going to Happen.

I think that maybe you should move down a block and try to chat someone up outside of the Armani store. You may stand a better chance, but that’s just an idea.

I wish you all the best in your future, and I hope that you stray from the Crocs.




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