Things You Take For Granted About Living Alone

I have been traveling for a while and in that time, I have only had a room to myself for one night, and there are just certain things that we take for granted when we have our own space. Especially sharing a spot with strangers, I have come to appreciate all the little neurotic things that I do when I have my own space.

Cleaning: Anyone, besides my parents when I was growing up, could tell you that I like my space clean. I don’t like when sh*t is just laying around. I feel out of order when my stuff is out of order. Sharing a hostel room, you get a mixed bag of clean people and dirty people and since they are strangers, you can’t very well tell them to pick their sh*t up, especially if they don’t speak the same language as you. That’s rude.

Being naked: What can I say? I just like to lay around in a towel or be ale to take my pants off whenever I want. Sharing a space with strangers limits this for me.

Watching anything funny on my computer: I get so embarrassed when I’m watching something funny on Youtube or Netflix during siesta hour because I actually laugh out loud and have a tendency to be a little too loud. I have to turn it off because no one else knows why I’m laughing and I feel stupid.

Quiet: Sharing a space with others has its limited tranquility. Especially at 3 AM if you don’t go out with the rest of the crew. While they are drunkenly bumbling around and banging their heads on the bunks, I’m rolling over trying to find my headphones so I don’t have to listen to their drunk cackling.

I’m sure that as soon as I post this, some of my hostel mates will walk in and I will think of about 47 more things that I have taken for granted.

Don’t get me wrong, hostels are the best way to meet people and experience different cultures, but sometimes, we just crave that quiet personal bubble space, which doesn’t exist in a hostel bunk room.


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