To the Fan Who Wants to Be Down with the Lingo~


What slang word or phrase do you love to use?


Hi Fanzy.

Well, I use a ton of slang. shortening words that don’t need to be shortened is one of my favorite pastimes. Currently, I have been very into slang words or acronyms such as:

Ledge: Short for legend, or someone awesome.

Killing it/Smashing the game man: Doing a great job. In general just a really great job at being a human.

Cheeky: Means naughty or unexpected.

Defo: I like this way of saying definitely, way more than just “def”.

TG: Thank God.

AF: As F*ck. Or basically it means a lot of something.

Zone 3: A phrase that I use way too often and only a few people know what it actually means anymore and I can’t necessarily share its meaning or it loses its fun.

I try not to overdo my slang and acronym use. I don’t want people to not know what I’m saying at all, but if I were to use all of those acronyms together, the sentence would go something like this:

TG you don’t judge me when I am Zone 3 AF, I was defo a little too cheeky, but you are such a ledge for sticking around last night. We killed it. Absolutely smashed the game man.

See. That’s why I pick and choose my acronym and slang usage, because the above sentence just sounds like I am trying WAY too hard. Which I was, that took me like 10 minutes to concoct. Slang has to come naturally, or it’s just stupid. So, get out there and try some new lingo out if you want, but don’t force it.

XO, Maz

I want to hear from you!

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