I Don’t Know Where I Am

I have been having a horrible problem lately. I keep forgetting which country I am in.

I guess it comes from traveling so frequently; constantly hopping on the next train out of town.

It’s a fun problem to have really, but my big thing with it is that I keep forgetting which language to speak.

I mean, English is the only language in which I am fluent and I am proficient in conversational French, but I have picked up a few small phrases and words in other languages here and there.

But now, I continue to use the incorrect language. Well it’s not so much that I use the wrong language as much as it is that I have concocted a new form of language. I mix English, French, Spanish and Italian together. I know what I’m saying, but no one else does.

I will say this though; traveling to countries where English is not their national language has really opened my eyes to the fact that a ton of other countries cater to English speakers. Most everywhere I have gone, I have not had a giant issue with language barriers because every place that I’ve been, the people not only speak their native tongue, but also English. It’s very impressive.

It’s also kind of annoying when you think about it. They had to learn another language to communicate with tourists and travelers. Some travelers have made so little effort that the native speakers had to learn an entirely new language in order to communicate with them. Like, how egocentric of us to just expect that they should learn to speak to us in English and we shouldn’t need to know their language.

This trip has also certainly opened my eyes to the fact that I would love to learn another language fluently. Maybe more than one. Definitely more than one.


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