Tourista Ready for a Siesta Fiesta

Vas happenin’ fanz!

Happy Friday for real!

This week, I’m embracing comfort. I have ditched my normal motto of fashion over function because I’m old and my feet hurt. I am donning my Nike trainers (Famous Footwear), some sweet sweat pants shorts (H&M Nice, France) and a white T-Shirt (probably my Mom’s closet). It’s nothing great. But it is so comfy and I didn’t end the day with throbbing feet for the first time in a little while. I’m in Italy where the cobblestones are a workout in and of themselves, so that’s truly saying something. Sorry, I know that these Fashion Friday’s have been so boring lately, but I will get back on track in about two weeks, when I am back to a fully stocked wardrobe. I actually don’t know how I’m going to pick clothes when I have so many to choose from. I might have to give some clothes to goodwill so that I’m not overwhelmed.

Life update: I’m more than halfway through my backpacking trip and I am loving it. I have been to 8 cities in two weeks, with six more to go in the next week to come.

Fan Update: I hope you all have a phenomenal weekend.


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