Tonight We Sleep in Hell

Traveling is beautiful.

There are so many amazing sites to be seen. There are so many wonderful people to meet.

The hardest part of traveling, in total honesty, would be budgeting.

When there are so many things to do and see, plus booking places to stay, I have to make executive decisions, such as booking really cheap hostels and hoping for the best.

In the case of Florence, I f*cked up.

For some reason, my brain did not comprehend way back in May, when I was booking, that Florence would be hotter than Hell in the first week of June.

I also did not read the hostel’s fine print where it says that there is no air conditioning in the rooms.

The room is beautiful and has a great view of Florence’s leather market, but the lack of air conditioning honestly detracts from so much.

Thus, after a full day in the sun, combined with a stomach full of carbs from pizza and gelato, it would have been so great to just come back to a cold and dark room for a cheeky, little nap before going out for the night.

Instead, we (Brix has joined me for the weekend) climbed four flights of stairs to Satan’s laboratory.

It actually felt like a sauna.

That cannot be safe.

I was very tempted to just give up on the idea of the bed and sleep full naked on the tile floor, just to get a little relief from the impending heat stroke that I was about to have. There was even some talk of purchasing more gelato and basically bathing in it to cool down.

On the bright side, I think that I probably sweat out about four to five pounds.

Note to self, always check the listed facilities on the website next time.


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