All By Myself, Don’t Mind Being All By Myself

Before I started my trip across Europe, I constantly received massive amounts of surprise when I said that I would be making a good portion of the trip on my own. People said that it was a ballsy move and that I need to be careful.

While yes, I totally agree with the being careful sentiment, I don’t agree that it is this super act of valor.

Traveling alone is amazing. You have absolutely no one’s agenda to follow but your own. You can sleep in and see the city by afternoon or you can get up super early and walk around and find hidden morning marvels. You can take an evening stroll or stop in wherever you want to grab a bite to eat.

If you get bored, you just move on to the next location.

If you get tired, you go back to your hostel and take a nap.

If you get hungry, you’re not waiting for anyone else to be equally as hungry to stop off for a snack.

It’s liberating.

Traveling alone also leaves you much more open to meeting new people. Sometimes when we travel in pairs or in packs, we forget that there are constantly other people all around us waiting to be met. We become a bit detached from the strangers around us. When I am alone, I am constantly trying to avoid the awkwardness of the fact that I now talk to myself a ton by introducing myself to someone else who is seemingly alone. You meet way more people, you have the option to see as much or as little of a city as you want. You have no obligations to make sure anyone else has a good time but yourself.

So yes, while I do have to be a bit more alert, since I’m watching my own back, I would say that traveling alone is a lot easier and a lot more fun in a way than going with a larger group.


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