Travel Mom Chic

Hallo from Germany Fanz!

Actually, when you read this, I will be making my way from Munich to Brussels, Belgium, but anyway, whatever forever.

This week in my backpack:

Run and tell that homeboi.

Run and tell that homeboi.

I have gone for a chic mom travel look. I paired my Nike trainers (Famous Footwear) with some black leggings (Walmart) and a long drape-y black tank (New Yorker, Vienna, Austria). To give the chic mom some color and a waist line I added one of my favorite grandpa-esque flannels (Thrift Store) around the waist. Throw on my black hat (Some souvenir stand in Venice, Italy) backwards, of course and some black sunnies (God only knows where these things came from) and we were in business.

Are you all so excited that this is the last Favorite Fashion Friday that will consist of the same things that I’ve been showing you for the past six months?


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