To the Fan Who Wants to Impress Me~


What’s the most attractive trait that a guy can have?


Well, well, well. Hello there.

Beyond superficialities, like height, six pack abs, jawline carved from marble, perfect teeth and well managed hair, there are so many important traits that a guy needs to have.

It depends on how you want to see that guy though.

If we are talking about a guy friend, well, then it’s what you want from any friend, you want someone that you can trust and someone willing to listen to you and offer sometimes biased opinions when you need them and the stone cold truth when you need that.

If we’re talking about a guy who is more than a friend, still considering the above, I think that a really attractive quality would be a great sense of humor. I’m hilarious and I need someone who can keep up with the jokes and wit that fall from my mouth at the pace of 20 sarcastic comments a minute.

But another really attractive quality would be confidence. This is not to say cockiness because cocky and confident are two sides of the same coin. When a guy is confident in himself without being cocky, it makes me want to know him. I want to know what he knows or where he’s been or done in the world to give him such an attractive ego boost.

I think that there are many qualities that can be attractive in a man. I think that sometimes I don’t know what I like about a guy, but for some reason, I just like him. There doesn’t always have to be just one shining feature, sometimes they’re just the whole package.

XO, Maz

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