Returning After Six Months Abroad To Do List

Well, it’s official.

I am back in the States at 3.30 PM EST.

And although my heart is most definitely 3,500 miles away lost somewhere in Europe, my brain and my body are both totally ready for some back home comforts that they have been denied the past six months.

I made a list of important things that I wish that I could do all at once, but may take a few days to complete:

Hug my mom for like 2 hours – After 6 months apart, I am due for a good old fashioned mom hug. This isn’t to say that I haven’t received some great mom hugs from my British Mum when I went to visit my exchange family, but nothing beats a hug from your own mom.

Hair color – Because seriously, have you seen my roots?

Chinese food – I don’t know what it is about American Chinese food that I just love, but I just do and I want it a lot.

Major pedicure – This isn’t to say that I totally denied my feet any maintenance, but after 23 days of back packing, wearing the same shoes most every day, there are some things that just take professional work to fix.

Heavy medication – Obviously to beat the depression of leaving the love of my life, London.

A good cry – Again, a cathartic remedy to fix my sadness of leaving as well as my excitement to see my friends and family after so long. (Mostly the former.)

A nap – After all of that hugging and medication and crying, I just need to go into a coma for about three days. Being a backpacker has showed me a new level of exhaustion that I didn’t think possible and I am going to have to sleep this one off, literally.

I’m sure that there are about 85 more things that I have been saying “as soon as I’m back I have to…” but again, backpacking, my exhaustion is so unreal, paired with my post-Europe depression, I am surprised that I was even able to come up with this brief list.


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