Oh the Places I’ve Gone

I’m going to so sound like a broken record here, but here we are. I have just come to the close of a little shy of six months abroad. I have traveled to many countries and many cities and seen some of the most incredible things. I have ridden a Vespa in Rome, I have eaten crepes along the Champs Elysees in Paris, I have climbed a mountain in Edinburgh, I have danced in a beautiful garden in Vienna, I have chugged a stein of beer in Munich and I have done far too many things to choose just one in London.

I feel like I have a portfolio of experience and knowledge to be able to give you a definitive ranking of my city preferences. I will note how much time I spent there and an overall statement why it fell where it did in the listing.

We’re going to go least favorite to most favorite:

Marseille, France (1 night) – Bad. Just bad. This was the doggiest night of my life for sure, the nicest feature of Marseille was the train station at 7 AM when I was getting the f*ck out of there.

Venice, Italy (2 nights, 3 days) – Venice was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like there is so much hype for not so much to see. Once you’ve seen one canal and one gondola, you’ve seen them all. Worth checking out, no more than a day, two max.

Paris, France (1 night, 2 days) – I am very confused as to why I didn’t love Paris. The food was incredible, but the overall atmosphere was lacking for some reason. It may have been due to having sh*tty hostel mates, but I just did not love Paris.

Vienna, Austria (2 nights, 2 days)- Even the ugly men are still beautiful. It’s not fair. But, the overall atmosphere is kind of boring.

Glasgow, Scotland (1 night, 1 day) – Glasgow was wild. I had a really good time exploring the streets of Glasgow and a wild night at a rave. It fell a bit lower on the list than some other places because refer to: “The Drama of A Hot Guy Who is A Bad Kisser

Florence, Italy (1 night, 1 day) – Florence smelled of leather but was hotter than hell. The sites are fairly close together, could have done with another day in Florence, it had a positive energy, so to speak.

Canterbury, England (2 nights, 2 days) – I loved Canterbury. It was historic and I got to see my sister, two great things. Also, refer to: “Reasons to Be Your Own Valentine

Munich, Germany (16 hours) – Munich was wild. The beer was flowing, the pretzels were hot and soft, the night club was the perfect amount of creepy and dance-y. The only reason that it isn’t higher on the list is because I think I got a mild form of dehydration or food poisoning from a dodgy kebab.

Rome, Italy (11 nights, 12 days) – I spent a ton of time in Rome. I even made a second trip to the old city because I had so much fun the first time. I think that my enjoyment of Rome ultimately came down to the time spent with people I love, elsewise, I would be just fine without that hellish cobblestone. (You can read a full account of my first Roman adventure by starting with: “When In Rome

Brussels, Belgium (2 nights, 2 days) – Brussels was a blast. It was a bit of a modern city, which is not exactly what I was expecting, but it was amazing nonetheless. I also got to see my boys (One Direction) the very first time that they did a live performance of “No Control” and “18” and they absolutely smashed it. The vibe of downtown Brussels is very young and very fun, all in all a great experience.

Edinburgh, Scotland (2 nights, 2 days)- Edinburgh was breathtaking. Climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat is still one of my favorite (fully sober) experiences of my entire trip to Europe. See it here: “Climb A Mountain With Me

Barcelona, Spain (5 nights, 6 days) – Barcelona was a mini reunion with my bad influence friend and we had a blast at the beach and dancing until the sun came up. Barcelona also is home to some of the most amazing art installations, which enhanced the beauty of the city.

Nice, France (3 nights, 4 days) – Nice was not only positively beautiful, in weather, in location, in everything, I also met some really incredible people. People who became quick friends who I would love to meet again some day if they are ever in my neck of the woods.

London, England (5 months)- I could never give just one experience as my favorite. There are far too many. I made so many friends. I fell in love with life. I found my soul mate too many times to count. I just 100% loved who I was while I was here and the person that I will get to be when I get home because of my time spent here. London has my heart, hands down. I have no doubts that this won’t be the last time that I live there for an extended period of time.


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