Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? Maz is Back. Tell A Friend.

Happy Friday from Hometown, NJ!

How happy are we that I am back from taking mirror selfies? Thank God, am I right?

This week in NEW fashion:

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.

So, this week, I have been a crazy maniac running around, flying back to the states, unpacking, doing errands, re-meeting old friends, and trying to also the mourn the loss of Europe so, instead of going for an entirely funeraled-out get up, I needed to have some sort of zing of something. That “zing” came in the form of daisies on this (mildly too long) maxi skirt (Walmart). The skirt will also be great to throw over my bathing suit and wear to the beach on a hot day. It’s a light material that has two slits in the front. YAY! New clothes! How excited are we as a whole, fanz? I know that I was ready to liven up these Favorite Fashion Fridays! Now, that I have gotten a lot of the hard-ish stuff out of the way like unpacking and retelling my travel stories about a billion times, I will get to go out and do the fun things, like shop and go to the beach.

Have a great weekend loca people! XO, Maz


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