Home Is Where the Weird Is

So, I’ve officially been staying at my parent’s house for five days now, after my big independent European adventure. The comfort of home is not terrible, but it feels very weird after the past six months of fending for myself.

  • I have to let people know if I’m leaving/going out. They might worry about me if they realize that I’m just no longer in the house.
  • I don’t have to do my dishes the second that I make them because there’s no cleaning lady coming at noon.
  • I can listen to my music as loud as I damn well please when no one is home.
  • I can sing really loudly in the shower and not worry that my flatmates are going to hear me.
  • I can’t sleep naked anymore. Could get weird during a midnight trip to the bathroom if there are any run-ins.
  • It’s free to do my laundry.
  • I have to abide by the morning shower schedule, and since I am the unoccupied one, I get the last time slot, which means less hot water.
  • The radiator is not broken and always turned on here (like it was in my flat), so instead of constantly being hot, I am constantly freezing cold.
  • Instead of 85 cabinets to put my clothes in, I have zero cabinets, thus, my clothes and shoes are all over the place, with limited opportunities for that to change.
  • I can drive everywhere, but have to ask if anyone else needs the car before I can actually go anywhere.
  • No one has British accents and it makes me sad.
  • There’s no time difference between me and the majority of my friends, so I can call them when I’m bored, but they all have jobs, so that doesn’t usually work out. Then, if I want to call or text my friends that are back in Europe, there’s a five or six hour difference, so I’m basically bored and f*cked because no one can talk to me.
  • I can’t walk to the grocery store and pick up a bottle of wine to pre-game before a night out at the bars or clubs. Not 21. That’s the hardest one I think.

It’s like; I’m an adult, but I still need to respect the fact that my parents worry about me and I can’t just do whatever the f*ck I want without letting anyone know anymore. I have to answer to people and that is the biggest adjustment that there is to be made. It’s not a terrible thing. It’s just weird.


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