To the Fan Who Wants to Talk Fashion~


What’s the biggest fashion faux-pas for you?


I am by no means a fashion expert. At all.

I love fashion, and the different aspects of fashion, but I have not studied it and I’m not a big name-brand person, although I recognize the brands and designers, I can’t see a bag or blazer on someone and instantly know its origin.

But, I do have certain things that bug me a ton in fashion.

I hate it when people wear ill-fitting clothes. If you are a larger person, or someone who is not a size zero (like myself) there is no need to try to squeeze into a smaller size just for the comfort of a lower number on your tag. Usually, the clothes that are your actual size are the ones that make you look best. You don’t see me trying to squeeze into a 4, because Lord knows, I am no 4. If you are having a confidence issue because maybe you’ve gained a few pounds or it could work in reverse, maybe you lost weight and now clothes are falling off of you, go shopping. Disregard tags, go for clothes that have the best overall fit.

Another terrible thing that bothers me endlessly is black clothes that don’t match. I have a very hard time wearing all black sometimes because my blacks don’t precisely match. This is probably just psychosis on my end because, black matches black, but NO. Sometimes one will have a tinge of blue or will be faded and it just bothers the sh*t out of me.

Also, mismatching socks. People. It’s 2015. Just buy a pack of 20 socks that are all exactly the same. It is not that hard to match socks when you literally have no other options. Gah. It annoys me a lot. Unless you’re keeping them hidden and I don’t have to see your faux-pas, be an adult.

XO, Maz

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