Call Me on Your Brick Phone Zach Morris

Happy Tripple F and a very big TGIF.

Have we all survived another week? I think so. I say that earns us all a very large strawberry daiquiri and a four hour binge session of Grey’s Anatomy.

This week the 90’s said:

90's called, they want their vest back.

90’s called, they want their vest back.

I’m trying to bring back Ked’s with a vengeance (Payless, probably $5). Is it going to work? Only time will tell, but I’m rocking it like I’m Kelly Kapowski. I have also made the observation that no matter how much I shop, I always gravitate toward black, white or grey clothing, so sorry ’bout that, but it’s just so me. I dig the classics with a pop somewhere else. So, this week, we put that pop into a sick Levi’s denim vest (Ross, $16.99). I paired it up with a white T shirt (Mom’s closet, free), a pair of black uber flawy shorts (H&M, Nice, France, €10), and my rad new sunnies (Souvenir shop, Brussels, Belgium, €7). Also, how about that new hair cut, huh? Looking pretty fresh. I’m now working a chop that took 7 inches off. I’ve embraced the natural root in favor of an ombré and the unnatural route in favor of some soft curls.

Give me some more time. I have a new idea for fashion Fridays that I’m hoping to introduce next week. Well, it’s an old idea that I’m recycling. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, hasta la pasta fanz! Have a fantastic weekend! XO, Maz


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