Tough Love Sunday

I don’t know about everyone else, but it has been a pretty terrible and rainy weekend where I am currently living. And there’s just something about the rain and being in Hometown, NJ that has made me feel extremely gloomy. I’m feeling sad and I’m feeling stuck and I’m feeling like Unspecial K. So, to kick these harsh feelings to the curb, I’m going to write myself a little tough-love pep talk.

Dear Sad Sack~

Cheer the f*ck up. Life and this summer are way too short to spend any moment not having a great time.

You’re sad because you’re “lonely”? Get up. Get off of your ass right now and go make a friend. There are six billion people in the world, let alone probably the hundred thousand that summer in your town, there’s bound to be one interesting person out there to get to know. Or better yet, get over your pride complex and text that boy back. Because you’re really being an idiot.

You’re bored. Okay? So, get a hobby. Take up knitting, learn origami, clean out that shed that you’ve been meaning to get to for weeks but just “haven’t found the time”, finish one of the million projects that you’ve started but didn’t “feel it anymore”. Just do something. Laying around and complaining about being bored is not going to make you any less bored.

You don’t feel like seeing people because you feel ugly? News flash: YOU’RE NOT UGLY. You are as beautiful as you perceive yourself to be, and if you can’t see that yourself, no one else will. Stop eating weird sh*t at 2 AM and maybe your break out will stop and you will get over your pity party. Maybe get up and take a walk, and you’ll feel less blob-like. Where’s that fearless girl who gave no sh*ts three weeks ago? She was way cooler than you.

You still have post-trip depression? Okay well, guess what? Europe is still there. You can go back for a visit whenever you want. Or you know what? See somewhere else. The world is ginormous. Why are you limiting yourself? Maybe now is the time to get some of those guide books on New Zealand or South East Asia. Start planning a new trip! Maybe there’s a place that you will like even more than London .Also, turn off the break up playlist. It makes you weird since you haven’t actually gone through a break up. Breaking up with Lodnon doesn’t count.

Ultimately, you need to remember that life goes on with or without you and if you choose to waste this brief amount of freedom before you start your senior year and embark on a real world job, well, that’s your problem. You’ll only come to regret it later. And when you want your life to be together and normal by the end of July, it’s going to take longer than a week to fix the problems that you’re setting up for yourself right now.

So girlfriend, turn off Friday Night Lights. Get off the couch. Stop complaining. Get a grip.

I promise, you’ll thank me for this later.

XO, Maz


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