To the Fan Who Wants to Lend a Helping Hand~


Do you need any help?


I thought that this was a weird question.

But then I thought about it.

It’s actually pretty nice. We could all use a helping hand every once in a while. My problem is, I could use about 12 helping hands at once.

So, do I need help? Yes. I could use a manager, a personal assistant, a fashion styling team, a hair and makeup artist, a typist, a yoga instructor, a chauffeur and a masseuse.

If anyone would like to apply for one of those positions, send a copy of your resume to It will be reviewed in a timely fashion and you will be contacted if the team would like to bring you in for an interview.

No. I am totally kidding. I can barely afford to do my laundry, let alone pretending that I could afford to pay any type of salary.

I do want to refer back to the question though. More so, the question asker: you are the kind of person that the world needs more of. People who are willing to offer their assistance or even just ask if everything is okay. That really can turn someone’s day around. So thank you.

XO, Maz

I want to hear from you!

Questions, comments, concerns, jokes? Place them in my anonymous ask box:


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