This Is Some EliteDaily Sh*t

To My Whenever Friend~

I miss you. I miss you constantly. You don’t live anywhere near me. We don’t have the convenience of proximity to go on lunch dates. We don’t have the luxury of cuddling up and watching crappy movies until our stomachs hurt from laughing. We don’t usually even have the time to squeeze in a measly 20 minute phone call to catch up on life because we know that 20 minutes could easily turn into six hours and we both have so much sh*t to do; so we have to schedule a Skype chat two weeks in advance.

But it’s okay because you’re my whenever friend.

I know that you are there whenever I need you. Even if it’s 4 AM and I’m stumbling home from wherever I was and I just need to tell someone about the cute guy that I made eye contact with from across the bar, you usually hit me back within a few minutes. Or if I have a really weird question that I’m too embarrassed to google, you normally come in clutch with the answer, or shamelessly look it up for me.

You’re there whenever I need someone to share happy things with. You’re there whenever I’m sad and need someone to tell me that everything is going to be alright.

And whenever we finally do get to see each other face to face, it’s like we spent no time apart at all. We can d*ck around, we can have deep conversations, we can make confessions that we couldn’t tell each other over the phone, for fear of being overheard. We can make fun of each other endlessly without getting offended and we can give each other tough love when it’s necessary.

Call me whenever. But, that goes without saying. I love you and I just hope that if you need me, you know that I’m your whenever friend too.



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