To the Fan Who Doesn’t Understand Seasons~


Why does summer fly and winter last forever?


Well, technically, summer and winter last the same amount of time. So, there’s that.

But, in my opinion, summer goes faster because it’s a more enjoyable season. There’s fun in the sun, outside is a beautiful place and you’re not bundled up on the couch binging on the last season of Dexter.

It’s like when we were in grade school, summer break was amazing. It was the time that we were tan. We lounged at the beach or by the pool. We ate ice pops, went on rides at the boardwalk and only went inside to sleep.

In the winter, we were chained to desks. We saw very little sun and had to turn in homework daily. We spent the weekends avoiding the cold air outside by becoming one with the couch or snuggling near the fire with a good book. A Vitamin D deficiency was definitely developed.

Now, not much has changed, except add work into the mix. The time spent away from work in the summer is usually spent at a beach lounge or pool bar. We take advantage of not having to wear monkey suits or any clothes at all and absorb the summer rays for as much time as we can before winter is upon us and we spend our after work hours bulking up and hibernating.

That’s my theory at least.

XO, Maz

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