Goodbye Old Friend

Today we say goodbye to the first car that I ever legally drove: my ghetto fabulous neon blue 2003 PT Loser (Cruiser).

We had a great ride, pun intended.

You drove me to my first day of middle school and high school; you even dropped me off for my freshman year of university.

You were there when Mom dropped me off at my first really sh*tty job. You were there the first and second time that I sprained my ankle and had to be rushed to the emergency room. You were there when I needed sushi at 2 PM on a rainy Sunday afternoon or a milkshake at 1 AM on a severely hot Tuesday.

You were the reason that I learned how to bargain so well with Mom. (“If I can take the car, I’ll go to the grocery store to pick up dinner supples” or “Can I take the car, I’ll get it washed and detailed.”

You got me where I am today, literally. It was just a few short hours ago that I felt the gentle caress of the leather-y wheel slip through my fingers.

It’s hard to tell you this when the ink on the title transfer is hardly dry; but you will be easily replaced. I have been dying to check out that sweet little Jeep that’s been parked outside the car dealership for the past few weeks.

So, in summation; thanks for everything, but see ya never.

XO, Maz


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