The Interim

So, yesterday I told you that my car was officially sold, gone, finito, on to chase more adventures with new people. But today I need to tell you about what I have to drive in the meantime.

We are on the hunt for a new car. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s going to be cute, good on gas and cheap. Unfortunately for me, it’s not ultimately my choice because it’s really only my car part of the time, it’s mainly my mom’s vehicle.

But in the time span between selling the PT Loser and purchasing new cutie car, I am stuck driving around in a monstrously large van. It’s one of those vans that you can get at Rent-A-Car for big trips where you need to fit 10 people plus all of their luggage. It looks like an airport shuttle van.

It also looks like something you would see a big brigade of home-schooled kids in long denim skirts parade out of after their big “educational” field trip to the city. Or maybe, if we painted the words “free candy” on the side, it could pass as a child predator’s crime den. People might think that we’ve got a rolling meth lab in the back (a la “Breaking Bad”).

I don’t know what everyone else thinks for certain, but I know that I’m embarrassed by it. I can’t drive it either because it’s too big to maneuver, which adds to the embarrassment, so now, not only am I rolling up to spot in this stupid monster truck, but I’m getting dropped off by mom. It’s like I’m 13 all over again. (“Yeah Mom, I’ll call you when I need to get picked up!”)

This little vehicle interim could not end any sooner. I might die of shame before I even get the chance to ride in the new whip.


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