Koolin’ Off with Kourts

This week as the world comes to a screeching halt over the break up of Kourtney Kardashian and the Lord himself, Scott Disick; I have decided to not point fingers or blame, but to honor their love with a shout out to Kourt’s style, pre-break up, as I’m sure that post break up is involving a ton of really chic pajama sets.

This week in mommy fashion:

90 degrees outside, pregnant and still fabulous.

90 degrees outside, pregnant and still fabulous.

At a mere five feet, Kourts definitely needs all the help that she can get in the height department. And I bow down to her commitment to stilettos.

90 degrees, not pregnant, just as fabulous.

90 degrees outside, not pregnant, just as fabulous.

I suppose it’s fitting that I call it “mommy-style” because I stole everything out of my mom’s closet. But, I guess I didn’t really steal it, since I was the one who gave her almost every article of clothing in the first place. White shirt (Walmart, maybe $8), blue-ish vest (Thrift shop, $4), Jeans (Ross, couldn’t remember the price if I tried) and beige sandals (Burlington Coat Factory, $10). At 5’7″ I opted for a flat sandal instead. I like to think of this look as grocery store chic and totally appropriate for spending time inside an overly air conditioned house with my grandparents. It’s completely impractical for any type of outside activity as sweating is a very real affliction for most humans. But still, rock on Kourts, I love your high fashion style and your casual-chic ensembles are no different.

Is there a celeb whose style you want to see me recreate for cheap? Let me know!


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